Croton-on-Hudson EMS

Providing 911 ambulance services to Croton-on-Hudson and limited surrounding areas.


Current News:


Volunteer Duty Hours

Calls for Service

Jan 2014 395 52
Feb 2014 311 46
Mar 2014 429 55
Apr 2014 518 56
May 2014 634 59
June 2014 712 68
July 2014 472 72
Aug 2014 336 62
Sept 2014 338 63
Oct 2014 439 55
Nov 2014 589 43
Dec 2014 836 49
Jan 2015 1146 72
Feb 2015 885 51
Mar 2015 869 54
Apr 2015 647 61
May 2015
1182 81
June 2015
1114 73
July 2015
841 61
Aug 2015
731 68
Sept 2015
382 68
Oct 2015
422 67
Nov 2015
436 67
Dec 2015
668.5 62
Jan 2016
1066 55


Updated: Jan 3, 2016

In Memory Of:

The Charles J. Ellison Memorial Scholarship

The Charles J. Ellison Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior of Croton-Harmon High School who shows passion and dedication toward Croton Emergency Medical Services.

A 2014 CHHS graduate, Charles passed away in 2017 at the age of 20, after an 8-month battle with brain cancer. Charles was passionate about volunteering for CEMS, becoming certified as an EMT in 2014 and receiving the Executive Officers Award in 2016. Charles enjoyed providing a vital service to the community, while also building on his strong sense of compassion towards others. His zest for life had a large impact on those who knew him and volunteered with him.

The recipient of this award will have shown a similar commitment to CEMS, and a desire to continue volunteering in EMS for years to come. Click to download the application
Charles-J-Ellison-Memorial-Scholarship-Application or fill it out online by clicking here.

Congratulations to Leon Johnson!  He is this year’s recipient of the newly-established Charles J Ellison Memorial Scholarship.   Leon – Thank you for your service, and we look forward to seeing you over the summer and during school breaks!

Rich Ellison and Megan Hall presented the award to Leon at the Croton-Harmon HS Senior Awards Ceremony June 20, 2018.  left to right:   Rich, Leon, Megan

With Our Deepest Sorrow

It is with Deep Regrets to announce the passing of Charles Ellison. Charles endured a long fight with cancer where he gave 100% but lost his battle on March 27, 2017.

Charles was our Executive Officers Award recipient for 2016, one of the first things he asked after coming out of a coma was what's going on with Croton EMS and his commitment to the agency held strong through out his fight and asking when he could start coming to meeting and standbys.

Please keep The Ellison Family in your thoughts and prayers.

In lieu of flowers The Ellison Family is asking friends and family to make donations in Charles' name to the Croton EMS PayPal account. Please click the Donate Button.

Again prayers for peace and comfort to the Ellison Family are needed and more information will follow.

Croton Emergency Medical Services (CEMS)

In 2008, Croton-on-Hudson Emergency Medical Services (Croton EMS) separated from the fire department. Croton EMS headquarters is now located at 44 Wayne Street with our ambulances stationed next door at the Harmon Firehouse located at 30 Wayne street. Since that time, Croton EMS has provided basic life support services to the Village of Croton-on-Hudson along with the Mt. Airy and Quaker Bridge Fire Protection Districts in the Town of Cortlandt. Croton EMS is a volunteer organization that is assisted by paid staff from the Mid-Hudson Tax District. Our members serve a variety of roles including EMTs, drivers, and attendants ranging in age from 18 to 70, who all work together to respond to over 700 calls per year as well as covering mutual aid calls to the surrounding towns.

Your Commitment

As a volunteer at Croton EMS, you will be able to serve your community while learning basic first aid and CPR. If you are interested in becoming an EMT or driver, training will be provided with no cost to the volunteer. Once trained, you can help complete the crews that cover our district. A 24/7 paid EMT/Driver is always on staff and we receive our Advanced Life Support from the Tri-Community Fly Car. It is because of the volunteers that we are able to staff our calls and provide the timely services that we provide for the residents in our district.
If you choose to join Croton EMS there are two ways to become an active member. The first is to provide a minimum of 24 hours a month of on call hours, where you would respond to calls from our headquarters. The second is to respond directly to the calls from home when a call comes in. We ask that as an active member you respond to a minimum of 7% of the annual calls. Members are also asked to join us the second Thursday of every month for an administrative meeting.

Croton EMS meets weekly to restock our ambulances and to provide training to new members every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Croton EMS encourages anyone who is interested in joining or just curious about what we do or who we are, to please feel free to stop by!

From Our President

Croton EMS is still a young organization and is continuing to grow all the time. It is because of our dedicated volunteers that put in countless hours to help ensure that our district is provided with the highest level of care. Croton EMS volunteers have one common goal: to get the ambulance out and to help whoever is in need! It takes a special breed of person to leave their families and special events to go help their fellow neighbors. But that is what our organization is about, helping your fellow man in their time of need. As volunteers we see everything from birth to death and everything in between. We provide our district with not only 911 emergency coverage but also provide standby coverage for football games, boy scout events, multiple marathons, festivals, graduations and other village events. Joining Croton EMS is a very rewarding experience, you get out of it what you are willing to put in. The more time and training that you are willing to commit to the greater the reward will be for both yourself, this organization and the community that we serve.

Croton EMS is more than just an agency, our volunteers are a family! This may seem like a strange concept to anyone who has not been in EMS, fire, law enforcement, or previous military experience, but when you spend the amount of time together that we do, when you show up to help your neighbors in their times of need, or when you are there witness someone’s darkest hours, a bond is formed. No matter what the call that we receive, we arrive as a team, we work as a team and we leave as a team!



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