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Volunteer Duty Hours

Calls for Service

Jan 2014 395 52
Feb 2014 311 46
Mar 2014 429 55
Apr 2014 518 56
May 2014 634 59
June 2014 712 68
July 2014 472 72
Aug 2014 336 62
Sept 2014 338 63
Oct 2014 439 55
Nov 2014 589 43
Dec 2014 836 49
Jan 2015 1146 72
Feb 2015 885 51
Mar 2015 869 54
Apr 2015 647 61
May 2015
1182 81
June 2015
1114 73
July 2015
841 61
Aug 2015
731 68
Sept 2015
382 68
Oct 2015
422 67
Nov 2015
436 67
Dec 2015
668.5 62
Jan 2016
1066 55


Updated: Jan 3, 2016

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A person interested in joining Croton EMS must submit a written application. Under no circumstances may a person become an active member without first serving as a probationary member.
Members are required to report to the Croton EMS Secretary, in writing, any change of address or phone number change with 15 days of the change.

  1. Members shall maintain a professional look and attitude while on duty
  2. Members shall abide by the Village of Croton-on-Hudson good ethics guidelines
  3. Members shall abide by the Village of Croton-on-Hudson sexual harassment regulations
  4. Members are required to make 25% of regular business meetings
  5. Members are required to make 25% of training
  6. Members are required to make a yearly average of 24 hours per month for duty crews or 7% of pager calls.
  7. Members will not be allowed to be a member of Croton EMS with any conviction of any felony from any state or any conviction or violation from any state pertaining to any sexual crime.

1.1 Probationary

In order for members that have been newly elected into Croton EMS, to advance from probationary to active
status, they must meet the following criteria within six (6) months of being accepted into membership. Additional time need past the 6 months, must be put in writing and addressed at a regular meeting.

  1. Must have successfully completed the Croton EMS orientation course before becoming an active member.
  2. The Training Committee shall make the recommendation as to the appropriateness of advancing the
    probationary member to Active status at a regular business meeting and no later than six months after the
    member's election to probationary status. Only the Captain has the authority to advance a member from
    probationary status to Active membership.
  3. The probationary member must possess the following to qualify for advancement to active status:
    1. Current certification as a NYS Emergency Medical Technician or
    2. Current certification as a NYS First Responder or
    3. Current American Red Cross or ASHI First Aid certification or
    4. Current American Red Cross, American Heart Association or ASHI certification indicating proficiency in BLS CPR

Side Note

Minors can also participate in CEMS activities by joining the "Youth Corps". The Youth Corps is a venturing crew unit affiliated with CEMS. Minors ages 14 and 15 can attend rig checks and train with CEMS members. Ages 16 and up can ride the ambulance as crew (an attendant) when an officer gives permission.

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